We invite you to visit the Natural Spaces of Ponent, where unique species and landscapes can be found. The area is made up of a combination of dryland and wetland sites that have a natural and landscape value that is not to be missed. On this website you will find all the relevant information, as well as the services on offer in each site so as to pay them a visit.

Espais naturals de Ponent

The cooperation project Natural Spaces of Ponent aims to enhance the value of the nature sites of Ponent, firstly, within the local population to ensure their preservation and, secondly, among visitors to the area so as to encourage ecotourism and help diversify and boost the economy of the region.

The counties of the Ponent area are host to many picturesque, natural and historic features, some well-known, but many of which could be promoted and disseminated within a framework of quality tourism. Indeed, certain types of natural spaces, with their singular species and landscapes, are unique to these regions, such as dryland environments that coexist with wetland areas. The great diversity of landscapes is an attraction for tourists and a resource for promotion that can be channelled into local economic development.

The implementation of collaborative actions to jointly highlight and promote the natural and landscape value of these municipalities has been deemed necessary, together with a commitment to their potential and inherent resources; which include nature sites.

Espais Naturals de Ponent


The Natural Spaces of Ponent project was launched in the autumn of 2016, and promoted by the Leader de Ponent Association as a strategic project of the four counties in the field of action (L'Urgell, El Pla d'Urgell, Les Garrigues and south Segrià). In the autumn of 2017, the Consortium for the Development of Central Catalonia and the Noguera - North Segrià Local Action Group Consortium were added to the project, increasing its scope of action by incorporating the natural areas of La Noguera and La Segarra, including the 6 counties of Ponent (L'Urgell, El Pla d'Urgell, Les Garrigues, El Segrià, La Noguera and La Segarra).

90% of the project is financed by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food; the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Catalan Government and by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The remaining 10% comes from the county councils of Les Garrigues, Pla d'Urgell, L'Urgell, Segrià, La Segarra and La Noguera.

The cooperation and strategic project was requested from the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Catalan Government in the following order:

ORDER ARP/375/2015, 16th December, which approves the regulatory bases of aid for the development of cooperation projects by local action groups in Catalonia, within the PDR 2014-2020 framework.

                       Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat               

The rest has been financed in equal parts by the following county councils:


The project Natural Spaces of Ponent is a very participative project; from its initial stages in the autumn of 2016, it has enjoyed the participation of a wide variety of agents linked to the territory and nature sites through Letters of Support for the project, currently it has 40 letters of support from different entities; as well as the Driving Group for the project. This group meets once a month, at the project Tracking Board, where the project actions being carried out are presented and the opinions of all participants aired.

The driving group of the project has the participation of:

Les Garrigues County Council
El Pla d'Urgell County Council
El Segrià County Council
L'Urgell County Council
La Noguera County Council
La Segarra County Council
General Directorate of Environmental Policies. Department of Territory and Sustainability
L'Estany d'Ivars i Vila-sana Consortium
Concabella Castle - Plans de Sió
Platform for the defence of the Bellmunt Almenara mountain range (Aladrell)
Tàrrega Ecology and Environment Group
Les Pallargues - Balaguer
Cistercian Monastery of Santa Maria de Les Franqueses (Balaguer)
Vall del Llobregós Association
Plegadis Foundation
La Banqueta of Juneda
Canal Viu
Utxesa Nature Reserve
Terres de Ponent Nature Group